Mercer was being way too quite the other day.  I turned the corner and found her backing her little bum into her the pantry...with Oliver...and a can of his dog food. I can't even script the things she comes up with to pass her time at home. 


Just a casual family trip to Sam's. We are the family that has completely zero need for a Sam's Club membership, yet has one. We continue to go, putter around, and say things like "no, we will just grab a few next time we are at Target, we don't need that many." Eye roll. 


By the time this child is ready for a bath, she is also ready to close those peepers and catch some z's. The constant result of this timing is bedhead as pictured above. Guess who also doesn't like to have her hair brushed? 

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Thanks in part to a few Facebook garage sale finds (so addicting, sigh), the guest room / playroom is now complete(ish).  

It all started when I snagged these chairs for a steal.

Although the green is precious, those that know me, know I am terrified of color. A few coats of white paint later, we had the perfect, kid friendly, additional seating for the room. 

Now, back in the first post about this room, I mentioned that we wanted a floor lamp.  I was set on this.  However, one of my favorite lamp purchases is the one I found for Mercer's nursery.  We found it at Homegoods and have never come across another one.  I always said if I ever saw one, I would snag it so we would have a pair.  Well, I saw one, on the Facebook garage sale of all places and 1 "want" later, it was ours. We decided to place it in this room for now.  Down the road, it will most likely join its mate and some nightstands in Mercer's room.  

Now, due to the fact that I was derailed from my floor lamp plan, the new lamp needed a resting place.  I have begged P for a skirted table for some time (not his thing) and he finally let me go for it.  The stars aligned and the very skirt I have loved for quite a while was on, you guessed it, the Facebook garage sale (I'm telling you...).  I went for it and then ordered the accompanying table from Ballard Designs

In addition to these items, Mercer received an early birthday gift from her grandparents in the form of poufs.  To say she loves them is an understatement.  She constantly climbs all over them instead of focusing on her toys. I searched high and low for a kids table to go along with said poufs.  After not finding "the one", I decided to turn my search to an end table instead.  Enter the IKEA lack side table in white.  BOOM.  It was just the look I was wanting and for $7.99 it could not be beat.  Mercer can mess it up as much as her heart desires and I can buy more without feeling sick about the price Parnell's truck may have been broken into in the IKEA parking lot but that is another story entirely. 

Anyway, here are the new additions all hanging out together: 


Last weekend we headed out to Prosper to celebrate Carter's first birthday.  His mom, Kari, is the hostess with the mostess and outdid herself per usual.  I spent the majority of my time chasing Mercer with a mimosa in hand, challenging. 

Toward the end of the party, I took Mercer over to explore the amazing swing set they have in their yard.  I snapped a few pictures of this muffin swinging away.  Child loves a good swing session. 

We were sent home with the cutest thank you bags which Mercer wore around the kitchen the next day, you know, for all her things. 


Last Friday, Mercer's sweet teachers hosted an "end of summer" class party. Each child is assigned a color of the rainbow in their classroom to color code their items.  They were asked to dress in their assigned color.  Our little muffin is "gold" aka...yellow. 

I tried to get Mercer to sit still for a nano second before leaving the house.  This is the best I could get: 

P and I arrived to Mercer's classroom that afternoon during snack time.  Her teachers wanted to showcase how well the kids were eating at the table.  Cut to our pride and joy flipping her plate sending food flying and her laughing and beaming with pride...sigh.  

Sweet Connor didn't care if his snack was on the table or the floor, he just wanted more. 

After the snack fiasco, there was dancing, singing, bubble blowing, and a lot of me chasing Mercer around the room.  

We stacked all the kids together to take a picture with their teachers... comical.   

Afterwards we loaded up our party animal and headed home. 

Cheers to the close of summer and being closer to fall (my favorite). 


Parnell and I have been trying out some new recipes and this is one we will keep in rotation. 
About a year ago, I had a nasty case of food poisoning (thank you McAlister's) and threw up fried rice (sorry for that mental image) for hours on end.  It has taken me literally this long to get over and work up the courage to eat Chinese/Asian foods again. I guess you could say we have been celebrating my return. 

Add a glass of wine and a soundly sleeping baby and you have a winner. 


The Parnell clan has been up to a whole lot of nothing lately.  Dallas has been dreary and rainy (I'll take it), so we have been spending a lot of time glued to the Olympics and staying in. 

I snapped these pictures of Mercer the other morning to send to our sweet friend Katie (shout out) who purchased the outfit for her.  It is 9M and she is just now fitting in it...must be nice Mercer, must be nice.

Taking pictures of this nugget is becoming near impossible.  It usually involves some form of bribe that I would prefer not be in the lens cap to my camera.  

I'll leave you with one more shot from her ladylike bottle the other day.


This past weekend centered around the only true scheduled activity we had, which was Mercer's 1 year photos. The night before, Parnell headed out with a few guy friends for "dinner".  My night looked like this for those of you wondering: 

Anyway, as I crawled into bed, I made sure that I had our photographer's contact information stored in my phone on the off chance we needed to reschedule in the morning for any reason.  

Cut to me waking up at 1:30 AM, not finding Parnell in our bed, grabbing my phone and texting "When are you coming home?" Lori...our photographer. I quickly followed it up with some lame "oops" comment but was mortified.  When I told Parnell what I had done (about 5 minutes later when he was home) he could not stop laughing.  Lori is the best sport ever and sent me a hilarious response when she woke up about Mr. Parnell staying out too late. 

I do not have any behind the scenes photos from our shoot because I was literally sweating trying to wrangle Mercer, getting her to cooperate.  She is a lot of things, but "easy going" would not be a term used to describe our little blessing.

I hope you will settle for the following Snapchat  rejects in place of professional photos: 


The last time Parnell stayed out at the lake, I took the opportunity to put Mercer to bed, pour a glass of Pinot, and rent Miracles from Heaven.  I kept seeing this movie pop up as available and remembered reading the incredible true story online back when filming began.  

Approximately 4 ugly cries later, I had finished the movie, and loved it.
The casting was great, especially Kylie Rogers, who plays the main character, Anna Beam.  Oh my word that child got to me. 

You can read about the true story/real family here.  


Mercer had a stomach bug/ear infection combo at the end of last week so we headed to the lake for some R&R over the weekend.  
She has recently decided that pools/baths/large bodies of water are not her cup of tea, so beating the  summer heat has been challenging. On Saturday, she stayed in the pool longer than she has in months.  We will take it! 

There was a lot of naked lounge time and waiting for Oliver to come back inside.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I am happy to report that nugget is feeling much better!