Last Friday, Mercer's sweet teachers hosted an "end of summer" class party. Each child is assigned a color of the rainbow in their classroom to color code their items.  They were asked to dress in their assigned color.  Our little muffin is "gold" aka...yellow. 

I tried to get Mercer to sit still for a nano second before leaving the house.  This is the best I could get: 

P and I arrived to Mercer's classroom that afternoon during snack time.  Her teachers wanted to showcase how well the kids were eating at the table.  Cut to our pride and joy flipping her plate sending food flying and her laughing and beaming with pride...sigh.  

Sweet Connor didn't care if his snack was on the table or the floor, he just wanted more. 

After the snack fiasco, there was dancing, singing, bubble blowing, and a lot of me chasing Mercer around the room.  

We stacked all the kids together to take a picture with their teachers... comical.   

Afterwards we loaded up our party animal and headed home. 

Cheers to the close of summer and being closer to fall (my favorite). 

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