This past weekend centered around the only true scheduled activity we had, which was Mercer's 1 year photos. The night before, Parnell headed out with a few guy friends for "dinner".  My night looked like this for those of you wondering: 

Anyway, as I crawled into bed, I made sure that I had our photographer's contact information stored in my phone on the off chance we needed to reschedule in the morning for any reason.  

Cut to me waking up at 1:30 AM, not finding Parnell in our bed, grabbing my phone and texting "When are you coming home?" Lori...our photographer. I quickly followed it up with some lame "oops" comment but was mortified.  When I told Parnell what I had done (about 5 minutes later when he was home) he could not stop laughing.  Lori is the best sport ever and sent me a hilarious response when she woke up about Mr. Parnell staying out too late. 

I do not have any behind the scenes photos from our shoot because I was literally sweating trying to wrangle Mercer, getting her to cooperate.  She is a lot of things, but "easy going" would not be a term used to describe our little blessing.

I hope you will settle for the following Snapchat  rejects in place of professional photos: 

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