I recently took Mercer to her 12 month checkup.  It is getting harder and harder to entertain her while waiting for the doctor.  This visit, we resorted to:

-Eating almost an entire can of puffs
-Climbing on top of the stool and then from the stool, the chairs (insert emoji of monkey covering it's eyes here)
-Sucking on a bottle of hand sanitizer
-Opening every cabinet and attempting to pull out all contents (it seems if there was ever a place to child proof it would be at the Pediatrician's office...)


Mercer has finally reached the 20 pound mark and is sitting pretty in the 50th percentile all around.

I will leave you with a few recent snaps taken before school:


See what I did there? 
We had such an amazing time celebrating Mercer's first birthday.  No, your invitation did not get lost in the mail.  We kept it small (very small) with Mercer's family and Godparents.  

Here are a handful of my favorites from the party: 


Parnell and I both took the day off on Mercer's birthday to hang out with our little nugget.  When she woke up, we staged an obligatory balloon drop much to her delight.  She couldn't be the only child in Dallas not to get balloons in her crib on her birthday, so I caved.  Turns out, whoever started this trend first is a genius.  Mercer's day was completely made.

Following some balloon play, we had donuts for breakfast.  I took a few cute pictures but do not be fooled.  She was not a fan. 

After some down time, we got dressed and ready and headed out to the Dallas Zoo.  Mercer was on her best behavior for our outing.  I wouldn't say she "loved" the zoo, but she was definitely "content" at the zoo.  There seemed to be a lot of judgement from her.  At one point, we took a break and had some ice cream.  We offered some to M being the sweet people we are, and she was not into it. Cut to us feeding the giraffes and Mercer attempting to eat all of the celery herself and not sharing with the creatures in front of her.  Celery > ice cream.  Her preferences blow my mind. 

We ended the day at happy hour (dinner).  
It was such a wonderful day with our little.