Last weekend was my annual company picnic at the State Fair of Texas.  Parnell attended his Goddaughter's birthday party, while I took Mercer to the fair.  We were joined by my mom and Natalie, who is a friend first but very conveniently also a co-worker. 

Once we arrived, we made a game plan.  Food first, activities for Mercer second (sue me).  

Fletcher's Corn Dog 

(had to)

Fried Thanksgiving Dinner (my forever favorite)

Fried Reese's 

Fried Cannoli 

Mercer was a huge fan of the Fried Thanksgiving Dinner and the Fletcher's Corn Dog.  She chooses savory over sweet all day every day. 

Next up, we went to the petting zoo...which was located across from Chicken Fried Bacon...which felt wrong and rude. 

From the petting zoo, we popped over to the Taylor Swift exhibit, yes, yes we did. Being the amazing friend that she is, upon entering the exhibit, Natalie asked, "do you want me to push Mercer so you can focus?"  

We need more Natalie's in the world. 

Our last stop was at the Children's Aquarium...after Natalie reminded me that I wanted to take my child there. I think I was so overwhelmed from Taylor Swift that I completely forgot, sorry Mercer. 

What an amazing time we had!  Once home, Mercer took a 3 1/2 hour afternoon nap. 


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