Dallas now has a brand spanking new Shake Shack.  I forced Parnell to go the last time we were in New York where we only semi enjoyed it. I think the small building + huge crowd really took away from the entire experience.  

For this Shake Shack experience, I enlisted my brother, Chase on the most gloriously beautiful Dallas day, to head to the new location with me. My experiences were night and day.  The Dallas location rests on an awesome piece of land with tons of seating and space. We also got there before the line was really much of a line at all which helped. 

Please look at the most aggressive first bite there ever was:

I also ordered us a concrete with Emporium Pie pumpkin pie mixed in vanilla custard.  

Chase thought it was too much food...and I thought Chase knew me. 

I'll be seeing you again SS...

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