This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family (there were just shy of 40 of us to be exact) in Dallas. I tried to get Mercer to sit for a few pictures before we headed out the door but she is just not a fan of sitting still in general, much less for photo session. 

Parnell appreciated that she looked like a true Cowboy's fan (not intentional). 

2015 for reference:

I absolutely love Naomi's words over at Love Taza and thought I would share them here: 

the timing of the thanksgiving season is always so appropriate, too. it’s the best way to re-energize and prep ourselves for the most wonderful time of the year, counting our blessings and realizing we already have it all.


Do you ever feel like you are swamped yet have nothing to show for it? That is how I currently feel.  I am "so busy", yet, the other day when someone asked me what I was doing to keep me "so busy" I had nothing to report, typical. 

Happenings as of late: 
-Mercer has teeth now, finally
-Mercer is really into making a mess/taking things out of drawers but then lining them up neatly or putting them back.  Her favorite? Our YETI cabinet (as pictured below). 
-Chestnut Praline is back!  Pumpkin Spice Latte, you are lovely and all, but your Christmas counterpart is hands down my favorite. 
-We celebrated Parnell's birthday last week with friends and a Texas Tech loss..
-My car was hit by a co-worker, fun and incredibly awkward 
-I finally got clearance from Parnell to put up the Christmas tree, which was sweet of him, except it was already on the books for when he he goes out of town. 

I will leave you with a "photo dump" if you will from the good ole phone:

The only thing better than pigtails is post pigtail hair.


Mercer was able to get three wears out of her Halloween costume this year (lovingly made by my mother).  We kicked off the festivities by celebrating Reed's first birthday with a monster theme bash.  Little Red Riding Hood went sans tights and pantaloons, because, let's face it, it was 90 degrees outside. We also went to my aunt's house to decorate pumpkin cookies, one of my favorite childhood traditions. We then wrapped up the celebrations by hosting a family Halloween dinner and gathering at our home. We weren't sure what to expect because we are never home for Halloween.  We were so pleasantly surprised by the number of fabulous neighbors out and about that we were able to meet and the number of trick or treaters in general.  It was such a great night!