We took Mercer to meet Santa this past weekend and it went exactly as predicted...she wanted nothing to do with him. 

Please note that she is wearing the exact same outfit as her class Christmas party.  I had a major mom fail and assumed that my soon to be 16 month old would fit in the oh so adorable 12-18M dress I purchased for her to meet Santa in.  I put it on her literally as we were on our way out the door and she was swimming in fabric, swimming. On went the dress from the party the day before...sigh



P and I headed over to Mercer's class Christmas party last week at her school.  I snapped a few pictures before she went to school and attempted to take a few while we were there but girlfriend wasn't having it. More Veggie Straws, less pictures and parents. 

That evening, I escaped for my own Christmas party at Jenn's house.  These girls are my favorite and I look forward to this evening every year. 


I took Mercer to her 15 month appointment this week.  After attempting to keep her entertained in the exam room (make them bigger and give us cool toys people), she received a wonderful report. 

15 month stats:
HT: 31 1/4 (75)
WT: 23.10 (55)
Note: M lost it getting weighed...lost it.  Oh what I would do to get on a scale and see a 23...

As you can see, my entertainment resorted to snacks.  Her doctor then came in and stressed the importance of developing proper eating habits and not letting her "snack wherever and whenever she pleases".  Oops...


We met Lori at White Rock lake in October for some fall family photos.  I thought Mercer would be a better behaved subject outdoors (as opposed to inside our home).  It turns out, she still wanted nothing to do with having her picture taken, even in the most beautiful of outdoor settings, sigh. Per usual, Lori was amazing and managed to trick M into cooperating for a few shots.  


This weekend I had the honor of assisting with our church's annual Christmas Store.  Donations were collected and qualifying neighborhood families were able to come and shop for brand new items at 80% off retail to provide a wonderful Christmas experience for their children and families. Although it was cold and rainy, it was such a wonderful experience and one I am already looking forward to next year and the years to come. 

M also made a trip to Kayla and Mitch's house and could not get enough of their pup Lenny.  

A few more from the weekend:

Standing on the fireplace. 
Mercer Idowhateveriwant Kelly Parnell. 


Natalie and I ventured out from the office yesterday for lunch.  I have been itching to try Bird Bakery which just opened a new location in Highland Park. I know, I know...Highland Park December...on a beautiful Dallas day...bold move. We ended up having fabulous luck with parking and caught Bird Bakery during their soft opening, snagging a table prime for observation.  

It turns out Bird Bakery is quite the keeper. 
From the charming decor to the delicious food, there is nothing not to like. Confessions: I even went as far as to leave a Yelp review.

How adorable is this kids corner? I might need to stick Parnell on a similar project for Mercer...

I am already looking forward to our next visit! I listened in as a staff member gave another customer the run down on their breakfast items.  The words "pimento cheese popover" may have been spoken and I may need to have some of that in my life. 


We recently celebrated our sweet friend Kayla and her baby boy on the way, Charlie.  I love any excuse to be with all my favorites in one room but celebrating new little lives joining our group is always the best.

Are they not just the cutest? 
I can not wait to meet their sweet little boy come January!  Is 2016 the year of the boy or what?? Impending boy arrivals everywhere!