In October we had the pleasure of celebrating the marriage of my cousin Erin to her person, Marco.  
Marco is German and has a fan club President in Mercer (she is smitten with him).  We are so thrilled to have him in our continually growing family. 

Their wedding took place at my aunt's home and was the most perfect, intimate evening.  

The Sutherland cousins and spouses 
The Sutherland cousins 



Well, its the 11th and I have already been to the fair twice.  The first visit was the early bird special (literally we like tried to go on/buy things and they weren't open yet) and the second visit was our annual tradition with the Platts and Hutchings. 

First up...our trip with Mercer. 
The entire morning went a little something like this:

"No fishies, all done."
"No hotdog, all done." 
"All done animals." 

It was all fun and games until it just wasn't.  God love her little two year old self. 

A few nights later, it was the adult's turn for some fairground fun.  
We started the evening by walking straight into Stassi Schroeder.  I was a total fan girl and forced Sara to take our picture.  She could not have been kinder (or more beautiful) in person.  I instantly regretted my lack of makeup and decision to wear workout clothes, sigh

We ended the evening and closed down the fair (literally) with games.  To say the boys were a little intense is an understatement.  
Parnell's dedication earned us a creepy neon rhino stuffed animal and a stuffed donut... 

Guess who watches TV in her donut daily? 

It has become a permanent fixture in the living room...yay



I maybe, might have, kind of, sort of forgot to post about Mercer's second birthday party.

We stuck with our low key theme and celebrated with immediate family at the lake. We can get a little crazier in years to come as she develops more opinions awareness of what is taking place. 

Mercer's "Nanny" (my mother in law) has a dear love of flamingos so they seemed fitting for the occasion!

The most adorable (and delicious) cookies from Blanche Bakes 

Our girl has finally found her sweet tooth.  I figured between my gestational diabetes and daily eating habits, it was bound to happen sooner or later...



School pictures are here...and they are so bad they are good. 



What did we get Mercer for her second birthday you may ask...? Doctors appointments of course.
Don't worry, she also got presents she didn't need.

The Monday following her birthday, Mercer got to attend her first dentist appointment...with her mom's childhood dentist! The visit went about as poorly as I anticipated with M wanting nothing to do with anything. To sum it up, at one point, her hygienist said "If you let me look at your teeth, you get to pick a prize out of the prize drawer!"  Mercer's response... (volume 10 out of 10) "NO PRIZE! NO PRIZE!" 

Of course she was all smiles afterwards with her balloon and new bag full of goodies she refuses to use. 

Instead of giving the poor birthday girl a break, we dove right into her 2 year checkup the following day (sue me). 

She is sitting pretty in the 50th percentile all around and we are beyond blessed for a good report on her health. 

Girlfriend loves a post weigh in snack. 



We had the amazingly talented, Lori Wilson Charles return for Mercer's two year photos.  Not only is it always a blast to catch up with her but she is fabulous a what she does! 

Here are a few of my favorites from our session: 

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