We have had several friends order and receive knobs from Cool Knobs and Pulls (gotta love the name). One thing that has bothered us from day one in our kitchen was the hardware.  There was nothing wrong with it, it just...wasn't us. 

Right before the holidays, on a whim, I decided to take a look on the website and lo and behold, the very knobs and pulls we had been eyeing (Brand Hampton Collection) were on sale, so we went for it.  

We also threw down this rug from Overstock that we have been loving. 


A few recent snaps of little miss...


Her hair is getting out of an amazing way. 


We started 2017 diving right into weddings.  Last weekend, P and I drove to Montgomery/Lake Conroe area for my coworker, Megan's wedding. My pictures simply do not to it justice, I really need the new iPhone, sigh.  The area, weather, venue, and bride were all so stunning.  It was such a beautiful weekend! 
I may or may not have come home and googled houses in Conroe, loved it. 

We stayed at the La Torretta and our view is what partially sold me on the area in general.

Cheers to the Richardson's! 


Two weeks ago, Parnell and I headed to San Antonio to see our friend Jackie get married.  We had such a great time catching up with everyone post holidays and celebrating the Coveys! 

Jenn's selfie stick never ceases to make me giggle. 


For Christmas, the Parnell children (and their spouses) organized a session with our favorite, Lori Wilson Photography  to give as a gift to my mother in law, Sally. It is rare that the entire crew is in one place, so these photos were a treat. 

Per usual, the kids were slightly miserable and the weather knew we had plans and tried to ruin them. Lori is a miracle worker and still managed to get so many great shots that the family will forever treasure. 

Here is a sampling:


The littlest Parnell was battling a double ear infection.
The middle Parnell (me) was battling a cold.
The biggest Parnell was battling both of our attitudes. 

It seems January always brings with it trips to the doctor and prescriptions filled.  Hopefully our household is on the upswing. 

A few pre-infection pictures:


We finally got some snow in Dallas! I was at the office on Friday when it started snowing in the afternoon.  As the flakes increased nearing closer and closer to rush hour, I knew getting home and picking up Mercer on time would be a massive headache.  I left a little early and arrived home after what seemed like the longest commute to our house I have ever had.  Immediately upon walking in the door, I bundled M up and sent her out to explore.  

She was slightly unsure of the snow.  She mostly wanted an explanation for why were were not going to stay outside and swing.  

Oliver got in on the fun as well. 

No snow day would be complete without sending Parnell out for Mi Cocina queso while I sat by the fire with red wine...ahhhhhh