Pretty much since the day we moved into our house, P and I have wanted to replace our media console for something much larger and more substantial.  The wall that housed the TV was begging for something bigger.

So sad, right? (The console on that huge wall, not Oliver)
I came across this image and the wheels started turning. 

After getting Parnell on board, we headed to IKEA to begin our "hack" process. 

We purchased:
(3) Frames
(6) Doors
(6) Shelves 

P ventured solo to pick up a few items at Home Depot for our base.  We preferred to not see underneath the finished product because, we opted to build a base instead of purchasing legs. 

After the base was complete and had been painted, the fun began.  We put together the frames and doors in record time (no literally, maybe the easiest IKEA assembly in the history of IKEA assemblies). 

We secured all of the frames to each other and the base itself to form one, solid piece. We added some hardware and were in business! 

Here she is today:

She still needs to be styled but so far we are loving the change.  Shout out to T.J. Maxx for these Arteriors lamps I found, they are a lovely start.

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