Last week I received a text from Parnell that was a photo of an x-ray...of a broken hand...Parnell's broken hand.  
The last few days have been filled with small gestures of assistance from helping him get ready to opening the door (he broke his right hand and is right handed). I would be lying if I said that I didn't throw him one or two impatient eye rolls when I felt we were in a hurry to be somewhere and had to stop to wrap his hand as he awaited surgery (took place yesterday and went well). 

This all brings me to Parnell and I renting Gleason the other evening. The film was on our radar for quite some time but we were just now getting around to seeing it. Lord did this knock me right back in my place. Here I was being inconvenienced by a silly broken hand while watching Steve Gleason face the fight of his life, literally, as his wife Michel stood by him and assisted with his around the clock care all while raising their young son. Perspective people, perspective. 

Curl up with some Kleenex and rent this one, I highly recommend it. 

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