Last weekend I attended our annual girls lake weekend.  Unlike years past, we had beautiful weather. My allergies tried with all their might to ruin it for me but I persevered with some breaks indoors and sauvignon blanc. 

Members of the 2017 pregnancy pact 
We had such a blast and as always, it is amazing to sneak away with these favorites of mine. 

Until next year!


Last week, Mercer had her 18 month checkup.  
We have a healthy girl on our hands and are thankful beyond measure. 

Height: 31 1/2 (50%)
Weight: 24.3 (55%)

Pediatrician's office humor 
Mercer had to get 1 shot (which did not go over well) so the entire family rewarded ourselves with ice cream from Lake Highlands Creamery. Do yourself a favor and get a scoop (or two). 


  One of Parnell's guilty pleasures are Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies.  I wouldn't say I dislike them, however, they are not how I prefer to blow my calorie intake. 
Mercer, on the other hand, who 90% of the time shows zero interest in sweets, had a taste of her dad's preferred cookie and couldn't get enough. 

Parnell's chocolate covered little twin.