It's been a minute...

Two weeks ago, Parnell and I were in Tabernash, Colorado celebrating the wedding of my cousin and his fabulous bride (more to come on that).  While we were there, we were receiving updates from my mom (who was in Dallas with Mercer), stating that Mercer wasn't 100%.  It got to the point that my mom felt it was best/necessary to go ahead and take her to the emergency room the morning we were due to fly home.  From the time we entered the airport, to the time our plane boarded, Mercer was admitted. 

Cue all the feels and a lot of in flight crying.

We landed and rushed to the hospital to see our sweet girl.  

Test results finally came back to indicate that we were looking at a viral infection and asthma.  I had let my mind go to much scarier places, so this I could handle.

We were then discharged and set up to continue treatment at home.  Mercer is doing much, much better and we are beyond thankful for that.  In addition, we are so thankful for my mother who was there every step of the way and the sweet doctor and nurses who were so wonderful to us. 

My my, our health can never be taken for granted and this was yet another reminder of that. 

We are thrilled to be on the mend and back at it with our #1 girl. 

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